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Holistic Chiropractic Care

This holistic chiropractic practice is designed to help you heal quickly and become self-sufficient with regard to your health. If you suffer from any of the following Dr. Shannon's approach may be for you:

  • tension or migraine headaches                  

  • whiplash

  • injuries that caused sprains or strains

  • candida, digestion problems, or food allergies

  • pain with running and other sports

  • weight problems

  • chronic or acute pain in back, neck, jaw, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees, or feet ...

She offers extremely effective manual therapy in 30-minute or 60-minute sessions, using many modalities. (please see the "Treatments" below)

It is very important that you are comfortable with your treatment, so be assured that you have input into your personal treatment plan design.  Dr. Shannon has a Comfortable Care policy, meaning that while some modalities may cause mild discomfort, nothing performed should cause pain, so you can leave your session feeling relaxed and with improvement in your symptoms.
We bill private** and motor vehicle insurance.

** Please be aware that Dr. Shannon is "Out Of Network" for all personal insurance carriers.      
     This has no effect on Motor Vehicle Accident patients. **


Most pain we experience is caused by inflammation. Your pain, including pain caused by a degenerative physical process like arthritis, can be reduced or eliminated by decreasing inflammation in your body. Inflammation is generally caused by injury, poor posture, emotional stress, and food and environmental irritants. Addressing all of these issues may initially seem daunting, but can actually be very simple, with effects often immediately noticeable!

Dr. Shannon offers a number of treatments to address the root causes of inflammation and pain.  Sessions may include the following:

  • gentle adjustments: (manual or "activator") of back, neck, limbs ... including hands and feet.

  • craniosacrial therapy: see below for description.

  • therapeutic massage: in the form of myofascial release (for long-term relief of chronic pain/stiffness)

  • gentle mechanical traction: decreases compression in the spine, relaxes muscles, and relieves pain.

  • electrostim: relaxes muscles, even those in acute spasm.

  • kinesiotaping: for constant pain relief, offered with instruction on how to use it yourself.

  • nutritional consulting: based on Ayurvedic principles that you can actually follow.

​                                               For more information about Ayurveda, and to discover what your Dosha                                                         (body type) might be, visit:

  • physical rehabilitation and postural advice: to keep you strong and less susceptible to pain, including advice on barefoot running/walking/standing techniques that lets you keep your shoes!



What is an Adjustment? 

What is Craniosacral Therapy (CST) 

Most simply; an adjustment resets the neuromuscular pathway to the muscles that control a joint.  If the joint is not moving properly, a very quick but shallow impulse engages a reflex, which relaxes muscles and helps the nervous system communicate more effectively in that area.  When a problem is chronic, adjusting usually works best when combined with myofascial release (a massage therapy technique), because damaged connective tissue can also negatively influence joint movement.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST ) can be quite effective in healing a variety of ailments. This gentle therapy unwinds and releases tension in the connective tissue that encases the brain, the spinal cord, the musculature, and other organs.  It does this through manipulation, via extremely light touch, of the cranial bones and the sacrum. 

The pressure used in craniosacral therapy is so light that it may seem at first that the treatment is doing nothing at all!  However, our fascia (a connective tissue that is ubiquitous in the body, wrapping muscles and organs and connecting all these parts to all other parts) responds physiologically to five grams of pressure by relaxing and elongating. Five grams is only about the weight of a nickel.

How can this be?  Well ... imagine, for example, a boat connected to a dock by a rope.  If you pull on the rope from the dock quickly and with a lot of strength, the boat will meet quite a bit of resistance in the water, and will take a lot of effort to move.  However, by gently tugging on the rope, you can move the boat to the dock without much resistance.  This is how such a light non-invasive technique can be so effective: by not engaging the body's resistance to change, more change is possible, more quickly.



Dr. Shannon graduated cum laude from University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2008.  Before this she studied Zoology at University of California Davis, Raptor Biology at Boise State University, and Massage Therapy in Boise, Idaho.  

For fun she writes, hikes, camps, runs long-distance in minimalist shoes (loves the Run Like Hell half-marathon!), and is a student of aerial arts (loves Night Flight Aerial!).




Tel: 503.583.4588

3109 NE Broadway

Portland, OR. 97232


Please note My Office Moved! 

As of November 15th, I am no longer treating patients at the Glisan location, I am located on NE Broadway. 



Shannon Livingston

Simply The Best 

"I've been to 6 Chiros, 3 Healers, 2 MDs and 1 Physical Therapist and NONE of them could help me with my hip pain. Then I met Shannon Livingston. All I can say is... she gets it. She understands the body, she listens, then teaches, then cares for you.  I've never had a chiropractor spend so much dedicated time on my body as Shannon did. After over 5 years of dealing with pain I thought I'd  have forever, I'm now on my way to feeling better and I have Shannon to thank"

Shannon Livingston

An Expert

"I've visited a number of chiropractors, and I think that Shannon's technique is far and away the best I've experienced. She works with the fascia and connective tissue to create real change in the body. I always feel that she genuinely cares and wants to help me. And I really enjoy seeing her little dog too! I've sent my husband to her as well and he keeps going back (if you knew my husband, you'd know that means a lot!)."


Wow. Biggest, Most Stable Results Faster Than Anyone Else

"A car accident in 1999 left me with ongoing neck stiffness & limited range of motion. Chiro helps, but my symptoms always return without ongoing care. I could tell an immediate difference after my 1st session with Dr. Shannon. She doesn't just do chiro, also cranial sacral, bodywork, energy work, and PT too. I got even bigger, deeper fundamental changes after session #2 and #3 -- that held up great even after a grueling bumpy dirt road trip in backwoods Baja. The best I've ever seen."

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